10/31 | Tumblr Inspired DIY Desk Ideas

There has been something on my mind for a while lately. It has also been on my todo list for months. That thing would be my desk area. As a full time student and blogger, you can imagine that my desk would be a pretty important area, right? In it’s current state it is the most unattractive and least motivating thing imaginable. That is about to change with a few DIYs though! Today I am sharing a bunch of Tumblr inspired DIY desk ideas that I have come across on the wonderful internet! Hope you enjoy them:

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1. Broom Head Desk Caddy2c428b68b66c184fdd0e3ccf42369909
2. DIY Kate Spade Inspired Acrylic Desk Organizer 6b2de282d2092a8cc874c95fab97b9d2
3. DIY Lego Man Cord Holder
4. DIY Sawhorse Desk 
5. DIY Cork Desk Organizer 15ee3631b26c89c33be445ea73c864ff
6. Color Block Supply Organizer26b8be41e6dab11029ec77c5a24ef076
7. DIY Wooden Desk Caddy
8. DIY Recycled Organizer 
9. DIY Desk Chair Slipcover 0804143f83112896bd775c575e5bc747
10. DIY Gold Pencil Organizer– Anthropologie Inspired a046036c109ffd683b9e1308be25ba91
11. DIY Monogram Bookendsc5a826907c2673af08061adb1fd23bbd 12. Wood Slice Pencil Holder
13. DIY Thrift Store Desk Makeover
14. DIY 3D Desk Calendar

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  1. cute!!! how old are you/ what grade, you mentioned that you were a student… just wondering… nothing weird lol

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