10/31 | Tumblr Inspired DIY Desk Ideas

There has been something on my mind for a while lately. It has also been on my todo list for months. That thing would be my desk area. As a full time student and blogger, you can imagine that my desk would be a pretty important area, right? In it’s current state it is the most unattractive and least motivating thing imaginable. That is about to change with a few DIYs though! Today I am sharing a bunch of Tumblr inspired DIY desk ideas that I have come across on the wonderful internet! Hope you enjoy them.

Check Out How To Make These Great Cork Board Desk Organizers!
[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”8SJ5Dihn” upload-date=”2018-04-29T02:11:08.000Z” name=”DIY Cork Containers” description=”I love these DIY Cork Board Containers because I am constantly in need of reminders. On any given day I am tasked with managing what feels like 100 different tasks.”]

Needing a little more help? Shop tons of desk organization ideas HERE!
1. Broom Head Desk Caddy
2. DIY Kate Spade Inspired Acrylic Desk Organizer 
3. DIY Lego Man Cord Holder

4. DIY Sawhorse Desk 

5. DIY Cork Desk Organizer 
6. Color Block Supply Organizer
7. DIY Wooden Desk Caddy

8. DIY Recycled Organizer 

9. DIY Desk Chair Slipcover 
10. DIY Gold Pencil Organizer– Anthropologie Inspired 
11. DIY Monogram Bookends 12. Wood Slice Pencil Holder

13. DIY Thrift Store Desk Makeover

14. DIY 3D Desk Calendar

Didn’t you love these fun DIY ideas to organize your desk in a snap? I love the inspiration these projects bring, and they’ll take your desk area from drab to fab! Don’t let the most important area in your room or dorm get unorganized and messy. A clean desk area will help you get motivated to be productive and do your homework. These DIYs can be made in a weekend, and what better way to save money then to DIY? Plus when you make your own organization tools you’re also able to personalize them to your unique style.