10/31 | 30 DIY Halloween Costumes

Hey Everyone! Happy October! It May be a good time to starting making your costume, so here are some really cool Halloween Costume ideas along with tutorials that I have come across and thought I would share with you! I’ve got started looking for a DIY Costume this year, and thought maybe you needed a little help too! Here are 30 DIY Halloween Costumes, these are some of the most popular costumes that you’re going to see this year. DIY Halloween Costumes are great to make, specially since they’re normally SO expensive. I highly recommend everyone DIYing a costume instead of buying one. I hope you enjoy!

1. DIY Ice Bucket Costume

2. DIY Slender Man Costume

3.How-To SHARKNADO Halloween Costume!!

4. Miley Cyrus DIY Costume

5.DIY Despicable Me Minion Costume + Makeup!

6.Nicki Minaj Makeup and Costume tutorial

7. Katy Perry DIY Costume

8. DIY Frozen Costume

9. DIY Fault in Our Stars Costume

10. DIY Zombie Pageant Girl Costume Hair, Makeup, & DIY Costume!

11.Social Media Costume 

12.Starbucks Costume 

13. Vampire Queen Costume 

14. Birthday Cake Costume 

15. DIY Spiderweb Costume 

16. Ninja Turtle Costume 

17. Shooting Star 

18. Flower Pot

19. No Sew Care Bear Family

20. Bumble Bee

21. Old Man 

22. Celling Fan (Get it? lol)

23. Jelly Fish

24. Mummy

25. Pumpkin- No Sew

26. Paper Doll

27. Spider Web 

28. Wonder Woman 

29. Ghost 

30. Spider