10/31 | DIY Fall Fashion

Fall is in full swing! I had a realization that I had no idea how to dress for the season. Then I searched around on Pinterest and some fashion sites to see what is trendy this fall. There are so many cute trends like lace, plaid, and thick fabrics that I love. Being the frugal and thrifty person I am knew that buying these fall fashion items at the mall was not something I wanted to do. Here are a bunch of DIY fall Fashion ideas that I have seen online during my searching that I thought you might enjoy:
1. DIY Blanket Scarf

2. DIY Pearl Jeans 

3. DIY Pocket T-Shirt

4. DIY Yoga Pants

5. DIY Gold Polka Dot Flats 
6. DIY Glitter Ankle Boots 

7. DIY Polka Dot Jeans 

8. DIY Lace Cuffs Jeans

9. DIY Rhinestone Sneakers 
10. DIY Bohemian Boots

11. DIY Pocket T Shirt 
12. DIY Dip Dyed Flannel Shirt
13. DIY Cutout Sweater 

14. DIY Arrow Graphic Shirt 

15. DIY Bleached Design Shirts

16. DIY Heart Patch Sweater