11/30 | Wooden Stocking Hanger

This post is sponsored by DecoArt and The Home Depot. 

Hey, everyone! Today on the blog, I’ll be teaching you exactly how to make a wooden stocking hanger. Head over to The Home Depot and grab the power tools to create this fun DIY. We’re going to have a blast. This will look great on your mantel, and I think every family member should have one. Don’t you?

Supplies : Americana Decor Chalky Finish | Wood Glue | Nails | Plywood | 1-by-4 | Americana Chalkboard Paint | Jigsaw | Measuring Tape | Paint Brush | Hammer

1. Use a pencil and tape measure to mark a grid of 6-by-6-inch squares on the sanded plywood.

2. Use the grid to sketch out your stocking. Mine is three squares long and two squares wide. Be sure to curve around the foot of the stocking.

3. Use a jigsaw to cut out your stocking shape. Work slowly, going around the wood and trying your best not to get off the grid. Jigsaws are one of my favorite tools.

4. For the box, cut the 1-by-4-inch piece of common pine into these sizes: four side pieces at 3 ½ inches, two bottom pieces at 4 ½ inches, and two front pieces at 6 inches. I love the people at The Home Depot because they did all the cuts for me. You can also do this yourself. Once you’ve cut your pieces, you’re going to use wood glue and nails to build your box.

5. Paint a good layer of Americana Decor Chalky Everlasting on your stocking cut-out.

6. Paint your box with Americana Decor Chalky Finish in Rouge. This is the perfect red for Christmas.

7. Grab your Americana Chalkboard Paint and paint the top of your stocking. I also added some black details to my stocking.

8. Once everything is dry, nail the red box to your white stocking cut-out. Be sure you’ve decided where you want your box. I decided to put mine right under where I put my chalkboard paint.

Did you enjoy this fun DIY for Christmas? If so, I have great news! You can grab your girlfriends and head to The Home Depot to create this yourself with The Home Depot’s Do-It-Herself program. Every third Thursday of the month, you can go and create a new DIY with your friends. They have instructors teaching you exactly how to do it. I think you’ll have a blast.


This post was sponsored by DecoArt and The Home Depot. Thank you for supporting the brand partners that make A Little Craft In Your Day possible!