11/30 | Washi Tape Monogram Canvas

I hope you all aren’t getting tired of monogram craft’s because I have another fun one for you today and probably many more to come in future posts! This Washi Tape Monogram Canvas is super fun and easy to make! My friend and I made them the other night while watching a movie. Crafting with friends makes it even funner! Whether you make it by yourself or with company, here is how:
You will need: rectangular canvas | wooden letter | Americana Acrylic Paint in Mint Julep and Neutral Grey | Foam Brush | Assorted Washi Tapes | Hot Glue Gun
Step 1: Paint the wooden letter with Americana Acrylic paint. I choose Mint Julep because it is such a pretty color! You can paint it any color you choose, but I recommend using a light color because it will show through the thin washi tape.
Step 2: While the letter is drying, you will want to go ahead and paint your canvas. I love the Americana Acrylic formula for canvases. It goes on so well and if you let it dry between coats, you can achieve perfect coverage with just 2 coats. 
Step 3: Cover your dry wooden letter with washi tape. I choose these 3 cute coordinating patterns. It is easiest to start on a diagonal and wrap the tape around the edges.
Step 4: Using the hot glue gun, attach the wooden letter that is now covered in washi tape to the canvas. Washi_Tape_Monogram_Canvas_2
That is all there is to it! This canvas will look awesome in your room. It is so easy personalize to match your room no matter what colors that may be! Also, don’t you love that gold elephant? He is from the dollar store and I just painted him gold to make an awesome $1 decoration!

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