12/31 | DIY Ugly Sweater Tutorial

It’s Christmas season and you’re needing to get ready for your Christmas festivities! What better way would be than to create a last minute DIY ugly sweater tutorial. If you’re wanting to light up the night with a totally DIY sweater, let’s create this UGLY sweater. We picked up a majority of our supplies at the Dollar Tree and the plain sweaters were picked up at Walmart.

Supplies :
Battery Operated Lights
Small Plastic Ornaments
Thread & Needle
Felt Wreath

Step 1 : Sew your garland onto your sweatshirt and form a Christmas tree.
Step 2 : Sew your lights into the garland and place the battery pack at the bottom of the tree.
Step 3 : Add a tree skirt with fabric to your sweater. This will cover up your battery pack.
Step 4 : Hot Glue or sew on your felt wreath at the neck line.
Step 5 : Add your ornaments and enjoy your DIY Ugly Sweater.

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