1/31 | DIY Angel Ornament

This is a great simple kids craft that can easily be made with things laying around your home. Perfect to keep the kids occupied during a family gathering when they get bored you will love hanging the finished product on your tree. Have them make this super simple DIY Angel Ornament craft and watch them use their imaginations and customize them in so many unique ways. I’ll show you how your little ones can create their own below.

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Supplies: Coffee Filters | Clothespins | Decou-Page | Assorted Glitter | Sharpie | Brushes | All Purpose Glue | Assorted Pipe Cleaner |


Step 1- Remove the metal spring from the clothespin so you have 2 separate pieces, and fold a coffee filter in half, fanning it out to look like wings.

Step 2- Now glue your coffee filter in the middle onto one of your clothespin halves, then glue the top half down onto that. Allow to dry.

Step 3- Take a brush and lightly apply Decou-Page onto the wings and sprinkle glitter however you like. Take your sharpie and draw eyes and a mouth onto your angel, and with a small piece of pipe cleaner create a halo and glue it onto the back of the clothespin.

Step 4- Display on your tree or hang as beautiful room decor for the holidays!