1/31 | DIY Duck Tape Emoji Pouch

Today we’re making this fun and functional DIY that people of all ages will enjoy. This DIY Duck Tape Emoji Pouch is not difficult to make, and you can personalize and customize the emoji faces to your liking! You can use this neat little pouch to hold your change, or to keep your ear buds tangle free. The possibilities are endless, and your imagination is your only limitation. Below I will walk you through making your own, enjoy!

Supplies: Duck Tape In Red, Black, White, Yellow, and Pink | Craft Mat | Craft Knife |


Step 1- On a craft mat, layer 10 pieces of yellow duck tape about four inches long on top of each other half an inch apart, creating a sheet. Cut the sheet into a circle.

Step 2- Layer 4 strips of yellow Duck Tape about five inches long, overlapping half an inch, then fold down the edge on one side of the tape sheet. Repeat once more to make the two pouch flaps that will be your opening.

Step 3-  Now layer two to three strips of yellow Duck Tape about eight inches long, barely overlapping one another, creating a thin sheet. Now cut two circles about three and a half inches around, then cut one of them down the middle, making one full circle and two halves.

Step 4- Take your thick circle from step one, and place the whole thin circle from step tree in the middle, sticky side to sticky side. Now place the two halves from step three in the middle onto either of the pouch flaps you made in step two.

Step 5- Now assemble your pouch by taking the two flaps and placing them down onto the large circle, overlapping them half an inch. Add one strip of yellow tape to the right and left sides of your pouch to enclose the opening. Press firmly on the edges to make sure you have a nice seal, then trim around the circle.

Step 6- Now have fun and get creative using the multiple Duck Tape Colors to cut out and create fun and unique faces.