1/31 | DIY Handprint Dish Towel

This DIY Handprint Dish Towel is one of the best, yet simplest personal gift ideas I’ve seen. Perfect for husbands to help their children make for a Mother’s Day gift, and amazing for kids to make for their grandparents. No matter how you create yours, it’s so personal and thoughtful, any family or friend would love it. If you want to see how to make your own, I’ll show you below!

Supplies: Hand Towel | Your Choice of Color Acrylic Paint | Your choice Of Ribbon | Paintbrush |


Step 1- Fold your towel and see where you want your handprint to be, then unfold the towel and lay it on a flat surface.

Step 2- Have the child dip, or paint the child’s hand in the paint and lay straight down, pressing their fingers and palm firmly to ensure the paint was transferred  onto the towel.

Step 3- Remove the child’s hand by lifting straight up, avoiding smudges. Next, with a paint brush, touch up the areas that need to be filled in more, and clean up the lines. Allow to dry, add a ribbon, and give an amazing and unique gift to someone special!