1/31 | DIY No Sew Emoji Pillows

Anything Emoji I feel like will be forever popular, so were making these adorable DIY No Sew Emoji Pillows that you’re going to love. Sewing is difficult, but you don’t have to do such a time consuming task with a great DIY like this. It’s simple and easy to create and they make great gifts for friends and family! You can get creative with the faces you want to create also, as all the emoji’s we’ve seen are all very different and unique. Below I’ll walk you through how to make your very own!

Supplies: Felt Sheets In Yellow, Red, Black, Blue, White, and Pink | Stuffing | Scissors | Sharpie | Fabric Glue |


Step 1- Using the yellow felt sheets trace with your sharpie and cut out two circles. Apply a ring of glue around the edge of one of the felt circles, leaving four or five inches unglued, so you can stuff your pillow. Place the second felt sheet on top and press the sides firmly, them set aside to dry.

Step 2- While the pillow is drying take your other felt sheets, and trace and cut out the emoji faces you want on your pillow. You can refer to the pillow to help with cutting the features proportionally.

Step 3- Take your emoji face and glue them onto your pillow base, press firmly and allow to dry. Now stuff your pillow and fold the opening under and glue shut. Once dry rock your great new emoji pillow!