1/31 | DIY Paper Plate Dream Catcher

I love finding versatile crafts that I can create for specific events or holidays, much like this DIY Paper Plate Dream Catcher that you can make for any occasion. You could make a red and green one for Christmas, a pink and red one for Valentine’s Day, or even paint it your school colors! Today I’ll show you how to make this cool neon one that’s perfect for summertime!

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Supplies: Paper Plates | Neon Paint In Yellow, Orange, Green, and Pink | Foam Brushes | Neon Yarn | Hole Punch | Scissors |


Step 1- Cut the middle out of a paper plate and use foam brushes to paint the plate any way you’d like, we just created a cool abstract pattern with the neon paints.

Step 2- Once dry punch holes every few inches around the plate and cut off a pretty long piece of string, around five feet. Tie the end of the string around one of the holes and weave it randomly going under the plate, into the hole, and over again. Repeat until you’ve woven in all the holes, then tie the end to a hole.

Step 3- Braid three ropes from the neon yarn and add beads  to the braid knot and glue feathers to the end of each string.

Step 4- Cut 3 more holes a few inches apart on the bottom of your dream catcher and tie each braid through the hole. Now punch a hole at the top and tie a piece of string then hang it wherever you like!