1/31 | DIY Pringles Storage Can

Let’s be honest no one is perfect, and sometimes we need help keeping some things organized. With this neat DIY Pringles Storage Can idea, you don’t have to sacrifice style for organization. No one wants to pay too much to stay organized and with this tutorial it’s basically free! You can keep your sunglasses, your phone charger, some paintbrushes, spare change, any little odd or end you need to keep organized inside! Make it by following the steps below.

Supplies: Clean Pringles Can | Your Choice of Three Colors of Duck Tape | Craft Mat | Craft Knife |


Step 1- Pick a Duck Tape color you want your can to be and wrap a strip around the top edge, and cut off at the back. Repeat down the entire can until it’s completely covered.

Step 2- On your craft mat cut and lay out a six to eight inch strips of each of your other Duck Tape colors and cut out different sized triangles, or any shape you’d like. Next, apply them to your liking onto the can and get organized! Whoever said organization can’t be stylish hasn’t seen this DIY!