1/31 | DIY Wine Bottle Glitter Vases

This holiday project idea is perfect for any occasion you can think of! These DIY Wine Bottle Glitter Vases would be great to display at your New Years Eve party, to act as centerpieces for a wedding ceremony, or to simply place somewhere in your home that needs a little sparkle. The possibilities for this craft are endless! With such a simple project, you’ll have a ton of fun making it, too! See how to make your own below.

Supplies: Three Assorted Sized Wine Bottles | Assorted Gold Glitter | Decou-Page | Paintbrush |


Step 1- Peel off the labels, then wash and dry the bottles. Apply a thick coat of Decou-Page onto a bottle and generously sprinkle the entire bottle with glitter, coating evenly. Repeat with the second and third bottle with different sizes of gold glitter and set them aside to dry.

Step 2- Display them wherever you like and reuse them for all your parties and gatherings, or even make some for friends and family!