1/31 | DIY Lock & Key Necklaces

What is the key to your heart? We all have those simple things or small gestures that make our heart fill with joy. Hopefully there is or will be a person in your life that knows just what those things are- they hold the metaphoric key to your heart. These DIY Lock & Key Necklaces are a cute visual representation of that. You keep the one with the lock and give the key necklace to someone who you know loves you.

Supplies: small heart punch | black sticker paper | mini lock and key | two necklace chains

The first thing you will need to do is punch two hearts out of the black sticker paper. I actually went back and cut a larger heart out for the lock. If you don’t have a punch you can just draw two hearts and cut them out with scissors. 

Remove the backing from the stickers you just made and place them on the lock and the key. I got this lock and key set at a new store near me called Primark- if you are ever in King of Prussia it is a must! I love the bright fun blue color that they came in. If you have a metal lock you can definitely paint it any color you want with Americana Muli-Surface paint. 
Now all that is left to do is string you necklace chains through the lock and the key. These necklaces came together so quickly and I think that they would make an awesome gift for your friend or significant other especially for Valentine’s Day which is right around the corner.