1/31 | DIY Brushstroke Canvas

Gold is such a popular color! I love using it in my decor and gold paint is the best and easiest way to do so. Canvases are a great way to decorate the walls because they are so inexpensive. I love looking at a blank canvas and thinking about all the possibilities that it holds. This time around, I decided to go with an abstract brushstroke design and show you how to make a DIY Brushstroke Canvas too.

Supplies: Blank Canvas | Splendid Gold Dazzling Metallics | large paint brush 
The first thing you will want to do is pour the Splendid Gold Dazzling Metallics paint onto a paper plate. 

Dip your paint brush into the gold paint. Then to the side, brush most of it off. This drybrush brushstroke effect can only be achieved with a small amount of paint on the brush.

Now, take the brush and lightly, very lightly, brush it onto the canvas. Create a random design by using the flat part of the brush and the side of the brush. Brush left to right and side to side. I found it looked best when I stuck to those two directions. 
I think it turned out super cute. I love how versatile it is; it would look good in a sophisticated room and a fun brightly colored room too! I am digging the gold and white but you could totally use the same technique with another color and paint the background for an added pop of color. I sweat this is one of the easiest projects that I have ever made!

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