2/29 | 28 Lovely DIY Valentines Day Decor Ideas

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is the next big holiday and it is time to start thinking about how you’re going to decorate! Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for because I love pink and a lot of the time, the decorations that I make stay up all year, because they are cute year round! Who doesn’t love some hearts, am I right?  I didn’t used to decorate but with all the cute ideas floating around on Pinterest, its a no brainer! There are so many cute and fun ideas for the LOVEly holiday! Today I’m sharing these 28 Lovely DIY Valentines Day Decor Ideas with you all!

1. DIY Sequin Letters

2. DIY Repurposed Wood Heart 

3. DIY Thumbtack Heart Canvas

4. DIY Heart Tree

5. You Are Loved Canvas

6. DIY Patchwork Heart

7. DIY Wire Heart Garland

8. DIY I Love You Around the Globe

9. DIY Geometric Heart Pillow 

10. DIY Light Up Heart 

11. XOXO Pillows

12. DIY Heart Photo Art 

13. DIY Love Canvas

14. Scrabble Tile Love Art 

15. Candy Heart Art 

16. Studded Leather Heart Canvas

17. DIY Valentine’s Mantle

18. DIY Printable Valentine Banner

19. Cupcake Wrapper Heart Wreath

20. Cute Valentine Mailboxes 

21. Felt Heart Valentine Trees 

22. Glitter XO 

23. Valentine’s Day Pallet Art 

24. Melted Crayon Art 

25. Cupid Arrow Wreath 

26. I Love You Alphabet Art 

27. DIY valentine’s Day Pillows

28. DIY Glitter Heart Pillow