2/29 | Tumblr Inspired Sun and Moon Wall Art

I have been spending tremendous amounts of time on Tumblr recently. It is such a great way to end your day because there is so much inspiration. A trend that I have been seeing a lot of lately is the use of astronomy in decor. I have always loved looking at the stars and knowing that everyone around the world sees the same stars I see when they look up at the night sky. I was at the dollar store the other day and saw this sun and moon garden medallion that was all kinds of funky colors. The shape was very tumblr, but the colors not so much. Keep reading to see how this Sun and Moon Wall Art turned out!

You will need: wood circle | garden medallion (from Dollar Tree) | gold spray paint | glitter spray paint | foam brush | Americana Multi-Surface Deep Turquoise | hot glue gun

Step 1: Paint the wood circle with 2 coats of America Multi Surface Deep Turquoise. I love this color and think it looks incredible with the gold.

Step 2: Give the garden medallion a good solid coat of gold spray paint. This is truly a transforming moment!

Step 3: Attach the gold garden medallion to the center of the painted wood circle with hot glue.

Step 4: Lightly spray the whole thing with gold glitter spray paint. 

The glitter spray paint is optional but I think it adds the perfect finishing touch! Can you believe that this was made from dollar store items? A little paint can go a long way!

I love how it turned out. As soon as I saw this is the gardening isle, I knew it had potential. I think it is safe to say that that was an accurate assumption. All it needed was a some paint. It is now the perfect Tumblr Inspired sun and moon wall art!