3/31 | DIY St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Coasters

Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up soon, so it is time to break out the green glitter and get crafty! If you’re Irish, like I am, you’re going to love these DIY St Patrick’s Day shamrock coasters. They’re the perfect festive way to decorate but they are actually useful too!

You will need: shamrock frames | Minwax Wood Finishing Cloths | Orange Felt | white glue | DecoArt Liquid Glass | green glitter |scissors | hot glue gun

Step 1: Take the backs our of the frames and place them to the side. 

Step 2: Using Minwax Finishing Cloths, stain the outer border your wooden frames. These cloths from Minwax are a game changer! They make staining an easy thing. Normally I wouldn’t bother breaking out the stain for a small project like this, but I love the look of the stained wood. 

Step 3: Cover the insert part of the frame that you popped out in step one with white glue.

Step 4: Cover the wet glue with green glitter. I used dark green glitter on two of them and light gree on the other one. 

Step 5: Once everything is dry, place the clover shape back inside the frame. 

Step 6: There is a little hight difference between the shamrock and the rest of the frame. You will want your coaster to be even, so fill the inside with DecoArt Liquid Glass.

Step 7: Cut the felt into a squares that will fit on the bottom of the coasters and glue them on.