3/31 | Never Before Seen Duck Tape Crafts

Hey guys, today is going to be all about Duck Tape Crafts! You can use it for just about anything, its so versatile. Below are 12 really creative Duck Tape crafts and projects that you can do right now. Everything from school supplies, to organization and decor.  I think sometimes people doubt the power of Duck Tape so this roundup is going to crush that doubt. It’s not just for repairs, you can make some really cute and practical pieces with it! These are all great unique craft ideas, go try some out. It’s all here, so enjoy!

1. This Laptop Case

2. Adorable Pineapple Binder

3. Make Your Notebooks Dry Erase?!

4. These Stylish Keychains

5. Keep Your Desk Organized With THIS!

6. Feather Pens As Unique As You

7. Revamp Your Headphones

8. DIY Triangular Memo Board

9. Batman iPad Sleeve 

10.Duck Tape Roses

11. Urban Office Supply Organizer

Weren’t those fun?! Which one is your favorite? I love the Duck Tape keychains. Whether you run to the store and make these on a boring day or you and all of your friends make a party out of it, you’ll have loads of fun. These Duck Tape craft ideas are simple, easy, and perfect for all ages! And if you enjoyed this roundup be sure to check out this Ultimate Dorm Shopping Guide we made for you guys!