3/31 | DIY Painted Jewelry Box

Looking for a cute way to store your jewelry? This cute DIY painted box is sure to make a statement with a glossy finish and trendy colors. It will look great in your room decor while storing your jewelry or other small knick knacks.  

You will need: wooden box with hinged lid | Americana Maxx Gloss in Patent Leather and Juicy Melon | paint brush | wooden die cut | washi tape | Scotch Multi-Purpose glue  | screwdriver 

Step 1: If the box has a metal closure, remove it with the screw driver. 

Step 2: Paint the bottom portion of the box with Americana Maxx Gloss in Juicy Melon. You don’t have to paint a very large portion, just make sure that it is thicker than a pice of washi tape. 

Step 3: Also paint the wooden die cut withAmericana Maxx Gloss in Juicy Melon. I bought this at Michael’s and they had so many cute ones to choose from. 
Step 4: Once the paint has dried, wrap the bottom of the box with a washi tape. By lining it up with the bottom edge and wrapping it all the way around, you will create a stripe of the base color. 

Step 5: Paint the rest of the box with Americana Maxx Gloss in Patent Leather. 

Step 6: While the paint is still wet, remove the washi tape revealing the Juicy Melon color underneath. 

Step 7: Adhere the wood die cut to the lid of the box. Be sure not to adhere it to the bottom or the box won’t open.

I love how the box turned out. The Maxx Gloss finish really made the DIY painted jewelry box look store bought. I took a little extra time to paint the inside of the box black with a pick bottom and it makes the jewelry inside really pop!

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