4/30 | 16 Plastic Spoon Projects for the Thrifty Crafter

Plastic spoons are way under valued, especially in the crafting world. You look at it and think there’s not much you can do with them but you’re wrong. The possibilities are endless when it comes to plastic spoon crafts, there are many fun techniques for crafting with them. One of my personal favorites is cutting them up and spray painting them. You’re able to customize them to any color you like. I really like trying out the ombre effect. You can also melt the spoons and create plastic spoon roses. Theres tons of inspiration you just have to look for it! Lucky for you I’ve already made a list of 16 super cool DIY projects you can make with plastic spoons, go try one of these plastic spoon crafts out!

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1. Plastic Spoon Puppets from Creative Jewish Mom

2. Maracas from Plastic Spoons from Dana Made It

3. Plastic Spoon Flowers from A Cross The Blvd

4. Chocolate Spoon Gift idea from Red Ted Art

5. Pineapple Lamp from Craft Foxes

6. Plastic Spoon Wall Decor from Jeanetics

7. Bug Craft with Plastic Spoons from Perfect Playgroup

8. Plastic Spoon Laurel Wreaths from A Subtle Revelry

9. Plastic Spoon Lamp from Handimania

10. Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree from One Project Closer

11. Plastic Spoon Fall Pumpkin DIY from Club Chica Circle

12. Pottery Barn Inspired Hurricane with Plastic Spoons from The Happier Homemaker

13. Plastic Spoon Snowmen in Clay Pots from Crafts By Amanda

14. Plastic Spoon Roses from Favecrafts

15. Spring Flower Garland with Plastic Spoons from Club Chica Circle

16. DIY Spoon Mirror from Crafters Anonymous