5/31 | DIY Geometric Wall Design

Hey everyone! Tanner here today to share with you how I created this DIY Geometric Wall Design with my HomeRight EZ-Twist Paint Roller in only an afternoon. You’re going to fall in love with this DIY and I’m sure you’re going to want to incorporate it in your wall decor very soon. All you’re going to need is some blue painter’s tape, paint, and your paint stick. I love how we decided to be a little different and have accents of coordinating colors.

Step 1 : Tape off your wall design and pick out where your accenting colors will be. Mark this off however you feel works best for you. We’re doing a hallway, which can be hard to photograph, so bare with me.  |
Step 2 : Insert the paint pick up tube into the EZ-Twist Paint Roller and clip to the side of your paint. Now you’re ready to fill your paint into your Ez-Twist Paint Roller.

Step 3 : Go crazy with your paint roller all over your wall. Be sure to apply even coats and not touch any triangles dedicated to our other colors.

Now you have your awesome DIY Geometric wall design. You wouldn’t ever guess you could make this in a afternoon would you? I love using the EZ-Twist Paint Roller for this project, because it always allows just the right amount of paint to be on your roller. It is seriously my favorite tool for wall painting. It saved me a TON of time and is a complete life saver. 


Thank you so much to HomeRight for providing a EZ-Twist Paint Roller to review and enjoy. Brand Partners like HomeRight allows us to be able to create high quality content.