5/31 | DIY Paint Stir Stick Shelf

I have a ton of paint stick sticks left over and just laying around from when we were painting our new studio space and I wanted to create a fun usable item. At the same time, I was looking for a shelf to add to a video backdrop and I thought “why not create a shelf with these paint sticks?” and that is exactly what I am sharing with you today!

Supplies : Americana Decor Color Stain in Charcoal  | 7 Paint Stir Sticks | Industrial Glue | Paint Brush | Staple Gun | Hammer + Nails | Miter Box | Wooden Dowel

Check Out How To Make This Paint Stir Stick Lamp Shade!
[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”b9xSoDNm” upload-date=”2018-05-16T16:12:01.000Z” name=”DIY Paint Stick Lampshade” description=”I’ve seen some pretty cool ideas using paint stir sticks before but this DIY paint stick lampshade is amazing! It’s the perfect afternoon project to add a unique feature to your space.”]

Step 1 : Paint 7 paint stir sticks and dowel with Americana Decor Color Stain in Charcoal.

Step 2 : Cut your dowel into two 5 1/2 inch pieces and cut two more pieces at 3 1/4 inch with your miter box. These will hold your paint stir sticks together.

Step 3 : Glue 4 paint stir sticks evenly onto your 5 1/2 inch dowels. Be sure they’re all separated evenly and straight as possible. Now you’re going to take your staple gun and staple the stir stick to the dowels. (This is your back supporting piece)

Step 4 :Now that we’ve build the back supporting piece of our shelf, let’s build the actual shelf. Trim three stir sticks to 11 inches.

Step 5 : Now glue the 3 paint stir sticks that you trimmed close as possible to your 3 1/4 inch dowels. Once you’re happy with placement, secure it in place with your staple gun.

Step 6 : Once you’ve created both pieces, let’s connect them. Apply some industrial glue to 3 1/4 inch dowels and hammer from the paint stir stick into the wooden dowel. You now have a rustic paint stir stick shelf! Wasn’t this fun?