5/31 | DIY Graduation Cap Gift Box

Graduation is such a fun occasion and one thing that can make it even more awesome is making the graduate a handmade gift. I made this cute graduation cap gift box that can hold candy or any small gift and I’m gonna show you how to make one too.

You will need: FloraCraft® Make It:Fun® Foam Sheets | 3FloraCraft® Make It:Fun® Foam Disks| Styroglue®  | FloraCraft® Smooth Finish | Knife| Americana Multi-Surface in Black Tie | tassel | Velcro

Step 1: Cut the center out of 2 of the styrofoam disks. They will look like rings.

Step 2: Cut a square of styrofoam a little larger than the disks.

Step 3: Using StyroGlue, glue the two rings together. Then glue the remaining solid disk on top.

Step 4: If you have ever tried to paint styrofoam before, you know that it is not a simple task. To make this so much easier, coat the pieces with Smooth Finish. This will fill in all of the little holes and the paint will go on fabulously. Let it dry overnight

Step 5: Once the Smooth Finish has dried, use a piece of fine sandpaper to make it super smooth.

Step 6: Now paint the pieces with Americana Multi-Surface in Black Tie. At this point it will start to look like a graduation cap!

Step 7: After the paint has dried, add a few pieces of Velcro to the rim of the gift box. The easiest way to do this is to place both sides together and then place the lid on. This will make sure that the two sides of the Velcro line up perfectly. Using Velcro will keep the lid on while still allowing it to be removed over and over again.

Step 8: Add a tassel. I found a white leather tassel keychain on clearance, so I just added a clay ball to cover the keychain loop. You could also use a regular sting tassel and attach it with a tack.

Step 9: Fill it with candy, money, or any small gift for the graduate!

I can’t wait to give a DIY Graduation Cap Gift Box to each of my friends! Since they all all graduating in the next month or so, making their gifts will save me a lot of money. If you know someone graduating this year, you should definitely consider making them one of these DIY Graduation Cap Gift Boxes.