5/31 | DIY Monogram Door Hanging

Please tell me that I am not the only one who gets obsessed with trends. In making this project I combined two of my all time favorite trends: aztec & monograms. This DIY Aztec Monogram Door Hanging is a very simple but I love the outcome! It is perfect for any teen’s door.

The first step is to draw an aztec pattern that covers the ceramic plaque. Aztec patterns are some of the easiest to freehand. Start by creating sections and then fill in each section with a different shapes like triangles, stripes, or chevron.  It will all start to come together.

Once you have covered the entire thing, find a stencil of your first initial and lay it down in the middle of the plaque. Using a stencil brush and paint in the color of your choice sill in the stencil. Use a dabbing motion for best results.

Often times when you use a stencil, there is a plastic part that gets in the way of painting your letter. You can go back after and fill that part in with a thin paintbrush.
I love how this turned out. It is so me! Now everyone knows which room is mine. Personalized gifts are the absolute best. This DIY Aztec Monogram Door Hanger would make a great gift for any teenage who you know.