5/31 | DIY Embroidered Sandals

I think it is safe to say that it OFFICIALLY Summer! This weekend it got up to 94 degrees here. My summer wardrobe from last year needs a little bit of an update. While I was at Old Navy with the rest of the world and their mothers, I found these cool leather sandals. I liked them a lot for style and comfort, but they needed something else. I went home, broke out the embroidery thread and went to work. Let me show you how I made these DIY Embroidered Sandals. 

You will Need: Leather Sandals | Scissors | Needle | Colored Embroidery Thread 

Start by threading your needle with the first color of thread. String it through starting on the inside and pulling toward the outside. This will make it so that the know is hidden underneath.

Make a diagonal line across the strap and thread the needle though. I just used my thumb to measure and make my Xs equal, but you could also break out a ruler and get really specific.

Cross back over the diagonal line you made to create an X. Tie the loose ends on the inside and cut off any excess thread. 

Repeat that process with your other colors to create a pattern across the strap.

Do the same thing on the other strap and the other shoe! I was able to finish the pair while watching a movie. I cannot tell you how much I love these DIY Embroidered Sandals. This was the perfect added touch. I’ll probably be wearing them everyday this summer. Don’t you love these bright colors together paired with the leather? They are fabulous.