6/30 | Washi Tape Laptop Case

Laptop cases can be expensive, and maybe you can’t find one that you really love. Maybe you just have a boring case and want to jazz it up! Whatever the reason, this DIY laptop revamp using Duck Brand Washi Tape will fit the bill! Create an abstract design like we did, or make something all your own, just make sure you have fun doing it! Below I’ll show you just how we made ours.

Here’s What You’ll Need:  Plain Laptop Case | Gold Washi Duck Tape

How To Make It:
Simply take your case and get super creative with the style and pattern of the washi tape until you’ve got a great one of a kind laptop case thats a definite show piece!

Be sure to check out the whole video that we made all about Duck Tape Accessories –> HERE I know that you’ll love it!