6/30 | DIY Striped Butterfly Canvas

Summer is here and it is time to decorate your room for the season! One thing that always reminds me of summer is butterflies. As a kid I would always run around the yard and try to catch them with my butterfly net. Today I am sharing with you how to make this super fun and bright DIY striped butterfly canvas with paint chips.
You will need: stretched canvas | painter’s tape | Americana Acrylics | Triple Thick | butterfly punch | paint chips | paint brush | hot glue gun  
IMG_9126 (1)
Step One: Create a stripe pattern on the canvas with painter’s tape. Make the gaps the same width as the tape so that all the stripes are equal. IMG_0687
Step Two: Paint between the the tape with Americana Acrylics in Warm White. You may be wondering why you are painting white stripes on a white canvas. This is to ensure crisp lines with no black paint seeping through. If any paint is to seep through, it will be white and you won’t even notice. 
Step Three: After the white paint has dried, paint between the tape with Americana Acrylics in Lamp.
Step Four: Remove the tape to reveal your beautiful black and white striped canvas.
Step Five: To make you canvas glossy and really pop, apply a coat of Americana Triple Thick. IMG_4880
Step Six: Punch out a bunch of butterflies from leftover paint chips. I had these paint chips from picking a color for my bathroom. IMG_0799
Step Seven: Fold the butterflies in half a little to create a crease. It will give them more dimension and make the canvas 3D.
I love how bright and fun the different colored butterflies are. They really stand out on the black and white striped canvas. This will be perfect to hang in your room for the summer months. So invite some friends over, and create some canvases together! 
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