6/30 | 5 Tips for Summer Road Trips

Going on a summer road trip?? Here are 5 Tips for summer road trips that are complicated or expensive!

#1- Make it a Surprise 
My most favorite memories from when I was a child was my parent’s surprising me with road trips or vacations! Most of the time I would just wake up that morning and they would say get in the car and not even tell us where we were goings. It was the best and will make for an awesome road trip!

If you have older kids, who you don’t always have control of their schedule, just tell them when you will be gone and leave all the details a surprise still.
#2- Pick an Awesome Destination
The best part of a road trip is usually the best part, or at least it should be. Hersheypark is a go to for my family. The park itself is so much fun, but the Chocolate Making Tour is so cool too- fun and educational, and FREE! The experience explains in great detail the chocolate making process and has just went through some major renovations. If you’re anywhere close, it is a fabulous road trip!

#3- Entertainment 
Make the time in the car exciting. Download a movie on your table, bring a mess free craft like friendship bracelets, or a break out the crossword puzzles. If you have passengers who get car sick easily there are other options for entertainment such as games like iSpy or the license plate game. Those never get old!
#4- Come Prepared with Food 
You do not want to be stuck on the road with hungry passengers. Pack some mess free snacks like granola bars or fruit snacks. We always bring a loaf of bread and some peanut butter and marshmallow cream. We usually don’t break it out on the ride there, but it does make for a great inexpensive breakfast of lunch while adventuring.
#5- Bring a Portable Charger 
There is nothing worse than your phone dying while you’re out adventuring. You won’t be able to take pictures of contact the rest of the group if you get disconnected. This is easily preventable by getting a portable charger. Be sure to remember to charge it and bring it with you too!

Now you are all ready to have the best road trips ever this summer!
*Compensation was provided by Hershey’s Chocolate World via MomTrends.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Hershey’s Chocolate World or Momtrends.*