6/30 | DIY Monogram Keychain

Here I go again- yet another monogram craft! I honestly can’t help myself. It occurred to me the other day that I have yet to make a monogram keychain. My keys have been missing out; they were in desperate need of a monogram. In today’s post I am sharing how to make your own DIY Monogram Keychain.

You will need: wooden circles with pre-drilled holes | wooden beads | keyrings | Americana Acrylics | Americana Triple Thick | small paintbrushes

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Step 1: Paint the wooden circles with Americana Acrylics. You will want to paint both sides and make sure to get inside the hole.

Step 2: Paint the wooden beads with one of your accent colors of Americana Acrylics. I found that this is a lot easier if you place the bead on the end of a small paint brush so that it does not roll around and you are able to get all sides. The bead is optional, but it looks really cute if you put it on the keyring paired with the wooden circle.

Step 3: With a very small paintbrush, paint on the monogram. You will want to fill pretty much the whole wooden circle since it is pretty small. If you’re not sure what your monogram is, hers is the order of initials: First, Last, Middle. Your last name initial is usually larger than the two initials on either side.
Step 4: Add polka dots!  My favorite way to do this is to dip the end of a small paint brush into the paint and use it to create the polka dots. I like this method because it is easy to control the size of the polka dots and they come out perfectly round every time.

Step 5: Once it is dry, seal it with Americana Triple Thick. Because your keychain will be handled frequently, you will want to seal it to protect it from wear and tear. It also gives a nice, finished, glossy glaze!
They are so customizable and easy to make! I think that they would make great little gifts since they are very inexpensive to make. What colors would you make yours?

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