6/30 | 33 DIY Teen Gift Ideas

Teenagers can be the hardest people to gets gifts, and find good DIY craft projects for!  These 33 DIY Teen Gift And Craft Ideas are going to save you when it comes to birthday’s, christmas, graduation, and any other gift worthy celebration! Any teen in your life would just love to receive one of these DIY gifts. And trust me your wallet will be thanking you too. So get crafting and get gifting. Today on the blog I’m sharing with you 18 crafts for teens. These are some of our favorite DIYs, and they make perfect room decor or gifts that any teen could create.  If you decide to get crafty and re create one of these projects for you or a friend, be sure to share with us on social media. I hope you enjoy these 33 DIY Teen Gift Ideas and Craft Ideas!

1. Monogram Chalkboard

2. Ring Box

3. Photo Booth Strip Flower

4. Glittered Clutch

5. Candy Cake

6. Braided T Shirt Bracelet

7. Tumbler Filled Gift

8. Initialed Tee

9. Glittered Tumber

10. Falling Star Earrings

11. BFF Heart Phone Cases

12. Tie Dye Socks

13. Mason Jar Spa Kit

14. Twisted Headbands

15. Rainbow Loom Sunglasses

16. DIY Lace Doily Bowls

17. DIY Glitter Arrows 

18. DIY Magazine Wall Art

19. DIY Scrabble Tile Wall Decor 

20. DIY Tire Chair Room Decor

21. DIY Monotone Canvas 

22. DIY Constellation Canvas

23. Let’s Travel Together Canvas

24. DIY Geometric Wall Decals

25. DIY Clay Marbled Bowls

26. DIY Secret Compartment Book

27. DIY Geometric Canvas

28. DIY Chalkboard Globe

29. DIY Wood Slab Photo Display

30. Personalized Water Bottles

31.  Kate Spade Inspired Polka Dot Notebook

32. DIY Luminaries 

33. Washi Tape Canvas