6/30 | DIY Political Pizza Party Shirt

With all the drama that this election has brought with it, I have started my own political party and you are all invited! It is called the Pizza Party and there is no politics involved, just lots of pizza! I am totally kidding, but I did think that it would make for a funny DIY Political Pizza Party Shirt. If you wan’t to join the party, here is how to make one. 

You will need: a T Shirt | an electronic die cutting machine | iron | Expressions Vinyl Heat Transfer Vinyl

The secret to this project is the Heat Transfer Vinyl from Expressions Vinyl. It is a total game changer. I used to cut stencils out of freezer paper and fill it in with fabric paint when I wanted to make a t shirt. It wasn’t a bad way, but it didn’t always turn out. This baby right here is my new favorite. I have been putting it on everything! The instructions on the back are well written and will help you figure it out your first time. Then after the first time, you’ll be a pro!

Cut this design out of the Expressions Vinyl Heat Transfer Vinyl with your electronic die cutting machine. Be sure to check that you are using the right settings and that you mirror the design before cutting.

After the design is all cut out, you want to remove all the excess from around the actual design. This process is called weeding. The backing is this clear plastic that is sticky which is great because you just use that to place your design where you want it. 

Then iron it onto your shirt. As the directions on the back tell you, you will want to press down on each section for 15 seconds. This is really like magic. After the 15 seconds, those letters aren’t going anywhere. 

I love how this project turned out! It looks so much better than if I had stenciled it on. I mean look at those crisp edges! And it is still completely smooth and moves with the shirt. Come join the Pizza Party and use this image to create your own shirt!