6/30 | 5 Tips for College Move-In

It is summer break and it just two short months I am moving into a dorm. I have never been a huge fan of change. And when something has to change, I like to be as prepared as possible. So you know that for the past month or so, I have been doing my research on this whole dorm living situation. I have talked to my cousins who are in college as well as some older friends and today I am sharing a few of their tips for those of you who are making this transition with me, 5 Tips for College Move-In.

Bring Air Refresher
Someone else has been living in the room that is now your home for the past year and for the past few months the stale air has been sitting in there with no air conditioning. It probably will not smell like roses on move in day. Bring Unstopables Air Refresher to cut that smell and make your new home smell good from the start.

Use Tide PODS
The laundromat may be on the other side of campus and you are not going to want to hull a huge bottle of laundry detergent with you. Tide PODS® are the perfect solution! Just grab one little pod and take that to the laundromat. It is also a much cleaner option which I love.

Keep Toilet Paper In Stock
You’re not living at home any more and that means that mom is not going to keep the closet at the end of the hall stocked with toilet paper at all times. If you want to have it, you’re the one who is going to have to buy it. Dedicate a small shelf somewhere to Charmin Ultra Strong. You don’t have to keep a ton of it, but you’ll probably want to keep a few extra rolls. You don’t want yourself or a guest to not have it when you need it.

Bring a Swifter WetJet
I am lucky; the dorm building I am going to be living in has been recently renovated and has hardwood floors. Maybe your’s does too. If so, definitely bring along a Swiffer WetJet. It will make cleaning your floors so much easier. A lot of dorms do not have a source of water, so mopping with a traditional style mop is nearly impossible. With a Swiffer WetJet, you might actually clean your floors once in awhile, like right before parent’s weekend.

Paper Towels are your Best Friend
There are so many uses for paper towels. Wiping up a spill or clean fruits. They make a great duster, or a plate. There are so many uses for paper towels in dorm living, even though you won’t have a traditional kitchen, create a space somewhere for a roll of Paper towels. Bounty Select-a- Size is great because you won’t be wasting if you don’t need a full sheet.

These products will make Move-In day and everyday so much easier AND they are all available at Walmart. When you go to move out at the end of the school year, these products will also come in handy to give the place a deep clean so that you can get your deposit back!
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