7/31 | Dorm Living Essentials

This post was sponsored by Bed Bath & Beyond. Thank you so much for supporting the brand partners that make A Little Craft In Your Day possible.

Hey Everyone! In just 4 weeks, I will be headed off to college and living in a dorm. I know that lots of you reading this are in the same situation, so I thought that today I should share some of the awesome things that I have discovered in the “getting ready for college” process.

The first tip that I have is to get a pretty plain bed spread. The majority of us will have roommates and having two colorful but mismatched bedspreads would be a huge eyesore. I found this beautiful Anthropologie gold and white polka dot bedspread at Bed Bath & Beyond. The photos above the bed are hung with clothespin LED string lights, also from Bed Bath and Beyond. Aren’t they so cool? I’m obsessed.

What’s the most important part of a dorm room? I bet most parents would agree that it is the desk area. It’s where you will most likely do your homework and studying. I work better when my desk area is pretty, but simplistic. I picked this cork map that is super easy to install for the wall behind my desk because I thought it was cool and useful. I also got this aqua architect lamp that is easy to adjust and has a built in USB port to charge your phone! How fancy is that?!
Also when I was at Bed Bath & Beyond, I saw this small pegboard. I love the versatility you get with pegboards and think they are so cool. This one has gold knobs which is perfect for my dorm and is awesome for organizing my most used jewelry and accessories.

Command hooks will quickly become your best friend when you move into your dorm if they are not already. They don’t damage your walls, are sleek, and have so many practical uses. Place a couple on the back  of your door to hang your towel, Turbie Twist, and loofa! They’ll be all together and ready to grab on your way to the showers.

The last major find that I discovered at Bed Bath & Beyond (so far) is Tide PODS. These are going to be a lifesaver because you won’t have to lug a big messy bottle of detergent around campus. If you know anyone going to college, this makes an awesome gift!

Bed Bath & Beyond also has a FREE program called Pack and Hold® that I am very excited about! It is great for anyone going to college far away. Basically this is how it works: you shop at the store nearest to your home, drive to college with an empty car, and pick it all up at the Bed Bath & Beyond nearest to your college. Easy peasy!