7/31 | Dorm Takeover: Bedding

Hey Everyone! It is Monday but it is not a typical Monday here. Today is the start of our dorm takeover week! We have partnered with Walls Need Love for this video series in which we are going to show you how we decorated this dorm room in just one day! In the first video we are focusing on rearranging the furniture and decorating the bed area. 

This is what the room looked like when we first arrived. When you get there on move in day, you will be met with a room as equally unattractive. But don’t be scared- you will definitely be able to transform it into a beautiful space to live in. There are lots of tips, tricks, and inspiration in this post and all the other videos in the series.

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We rearranged the furniture into a layout that made more sense for me. Don’t be afraid to move the furniture around if you don’t like how it is set up when you arrive. After rearranging, it was time to decorate! 

We wanted to keep our bedding simple, so the cool pillows would be the main focus. I picked up this basic white bed skirt and comforter. Don’t be afraid to mix colors and patterns with your pillows. All of these awesome pillows are from Walls Need Love. The body pillows are perfect for the back and they have  awesome throw pillows too! You’re going to be spending a lot of time in your bed and these pillows will be perfect to help keep you comfortable for all those Netflix nights!
We even added a pop of design by coving the bed frame with Fine Grey Chevron Removable Wallpaper. We love how forgivable the wallpaper is and how it can cover up such an ugly bed.

We hope that you enjoyed this video and that you come back each day this week for another dose of dorm decor with Walls Need Love. If you like their products that were featured in this video, be sure to check them out their back to campus inspiration! Also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!
*This series is sponsored by Walls Need Love. Thank you so much for supporting the brand partners that make A Little Craft In Your Day possible.