8/31 | Back To School Must Haves

Check Out These Perfect Back To School Treats To Share With Your Class!


Here we are once again going back to school, and college for some of us! No matter where your going it gets stressful and difficult to prepare the closer it gets. We’ll this will help you out in that department. Here are tons of back to school must haves crafts and ideas designed to help you destress and stay organized, stylish, and happy! We’ve included everything you could ever need and you’re sure to have no shortage of awesome DIY crafts to make as well, I hope you all enjoy!

Dorm/Room Worthy Decor

So everyone knows the decor is very important in your bedroom and especially your dorm room when back to school hits, so don’t settle for boring decor that could break the bank when you can make amazing personalized decor just for you and your space! Check out these great ideas

  1. This Great Chalkboard
  2. DIY Marble Home State Art
  3. PVC Pipe Desk Organizer
  4. Memo Boards
  5. This Amazing Bean Bag Chair
  6. Stylish DIY Pentant Light
  7. Great DIY Dorm TV Stand
  8. Boho Glitter Wall Art
  9. DIY Tire Chair
  10. Crate Book Case DIY

School Organization Musts

Everyone has to stay organized in school, its a must! Lucky for you if you seem to have issues in that department like many does, this will be a life saver. Despite what some people say i’m a firm believer that if you’re somewhat organized you’re more likely to succeed, so why not be super organized?! You guys will love these back to school organization ideas.

  1. DIY Pencil Case
  2. Mason Jar Organizer
  3. Duck tape iPad Sleeve
  4. DIY Laptop Sleeve
  5. This Cool Lanyard
  6. Pencil Shaped Organizer
  7. Super Unique Organization Hacks
  8. Unique Pencil Organization
  9. Stencil Painted Clip Boards
  10. Bling File Organizer

Nifty Notebook Revamps

When you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Notebooks are simple and boring but they don’t have to be! Get craft and channel your inner DIYer and give those boring books a new life! We don’t expect you to pull an idea out of thin air, which is why we’ve compiled some insanely awesome notebook revamp ideas for you right here, enjoy!

  1. Cool Geometric Pattern Notebook
  2. Chalkboard Painted Notebook
  3. Typographic Notebook
  4. Personalized College Notebook
  5. Marbled Notebook
  6. Kate Spade Inspired Notebook
  7. DIY Tumblr Inspired Notebook
  8. Gold Dipped Notebook
  9. Bible Quote Notebook
  10. Duct Tape Monogram Notebook

See, I told you that would help! I hope you feel better and more prepared for starting school. Theres no need to stress or worry over it, just show your personality and style and do your best. These ideas are perfect for anyone and are foolproof! Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know if you try any of them out and which are your favorite. Good luck with your school year everyone, you all rock!