8/31 | DIY Fruit Rope Coasters

Summer is here! What could be a better way to celebrate summer than creating these fun and unique DIY coasters!? Today we’re teaching you exactly how to create these totally custom rope coasters. Grab your Americana Multi-Surface paint and let’s jump into the tutorial. Warning: You’re going to be craving some fruit before this is over!

Supplies: Americana Multi-Surface Assortment | Cork Coasters | Rope | Paint Brushes | Hot Glue

To make any of these coasters, be sure to hot glue the rope starting from the middle of the coaster in a spiral pattern then cut and glue down the edge.

Watermelon Coaster Step-by-Step :

Step 1: Take your Turf Green paint and paint the rind, be sure not to paint it too thick. The rind on a watermelon is thin!

Step 2: Once your green has dried take the Cotton Ball paint and paint the inner rind which is about as thick as the outer rind. Allow to dry.

Step 3: Now take your Lipstick and Flamingo paint and mix them (more Lipstick than Flamingo) to make the perfect watermelon color. Completely paint the middle of the coaster.

Step 4: Lastly, take a tiny brush and make the seeds with Black Tie.

Lemon Coaster Step-by-Step :

Step 1: Take your Lemon Zest paint and paint the entire surface of the coaster.

Step 2: Once dried, paint triangles on the coaster to look like the middle of a lemon with Orange Sherbert.

Step 3: Now take Cotton Ball paint and outline the triangles to make everything pop.

Kiwi Coaster Step-by-Step :

Step 1: Take Orange Sherbet paint and paint a thin ring around the edge of the coaster.

Step 2: Once that is dry take Melonball and Turf Green paints and mix them to get a kiwi color, paint a good sized thick ring on the coaster leaving room for a white circle for the core of the kiwi.

Step 3: Now use the Cotton Ball paint and paint the center part. Add seeds with Black Tie paint along the edge of the white circle with a small brush and enjoy!

I love these new fruit coasters! Don’t you? Please leave me a comment and let me know your favorite. These are adorable and you’re going to have a blast creating your own fruit coasters.

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