8/31 | DIY Black & Gold Mug Set

You are not going to believe how easy this DIY project is! These DIY coffee mugs are a great craft for teens or adults! We all pretty much live on coffee so why not make a DIY personalized mug to drink it out of? They would also make a great DIY gift for any coffee obsessed friends!

You will need: plain white mugs | Rubbing Alcohol | DecoArt Glass Paint Markers | Gold Americana Multi-Surface | paintbrush

Clean the mugs with rubbing alcohol. Be sure to dry them with a paper towel before beginning. 

Use the DecoArt Glass Paint Marker to draw on your design. I went for this wonky polka dot design which was super simple but has amazing end results. You basically just scribble in a little circle. You may feel like a little kid, but your mug will look cool in the end. 

If you mess up, do not fret! You can easily remove any mistakes before baking with a little bit of rubbing alcohol on a paper towel. 

For the gold mugs I wanted a brush stroke look coming up from the bottom. To get this look hold the mug upside down and with a pretty big brush. Make strokes toward the lip of the mug. The cheaper the better for this project, as it will really help to achieve that brush stroke look. If you want to do more than one coat, just make sure to let the paint dry before adding the second coat or the brush will lift the first coat off.

Now just bake them according to the directions on the packaging of the specific product you used. The baking directions for the paint marker and the Multi-Surface paint are a little different. I love how these mugs turned out. They would be perfect for a little coffee station in your dorm, apartment, or home!

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