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This was a fantastic DIY project to make for your desk area and I know you’re going to love this back to school craft for teens. You’re able to customize this with whichever pattern of Decou-Page Paper you prefer. We’ve created two different ones just to show you how this can fit into different areas. Let’s jump into it!IMG_8532What You’ll Need: 2×4 Wooden Block cut at 10” inches| Drill and Large Drill Bit | Moroccan Decou-Page Papers | Americana Multi-Surface in Cobalt | Satin Americana Decou-Page | Paint Brushes | Sanding Block
Heres What You’ll Do:
IMG_8557 IMG_8560Step 1: Evenly mark 14 holes with a pencil and use a large drill bit to drill the holes a little over halfway deep.

Step 2: Sand down the rough edges and wipe clean.IMG_8565Step 3: Paint the entire wood piece with Cobalt Multi-Surface paint.
Step 4: Cut your Decou-Page Paper to the size of the sides on your piece of painted wood.
IMG_8576Step 5: After the paint has dried, apply a layer of Decou-Page Satin formula onto the wood block. Place and smooth out the Decou-Page Paper.

Step 6: Apply a finishing layer of Decou-Page and allow to dry. Add your favorite pens and pencils and enjoy!IMG_8601_2 IMG_8622_2 IMG_8611

We used Americana Multi-Surface Waterfront and Gold Basics Decou-Page paper and followed all the same steps as the first one.

If you enjoyed this leave a comment and let us know your favorite design!

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