9/30 | DIY Fabric Scrap Dream Catcher

Dreamcatchers can be so pricey in boutiques or from chain stores. I was not about to pay full price for one but wanted a dreamcatcher to hang in my room. I knew that I could make one but was unsure of how to make the center design. That is until I saw this Mandala stencil from DecoArt! It is perfect for the job! Here is how to make your own DIY Dreamcatcher!

You will need: an embroidery hoop | Americana Decor Mandala Stencil | Americana Multi-Surface Paint in Iris and Turquoise Waters | scissors | paint brush | makeup sponge | plain white fabric | coordinating fabric scraps

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Step 1: Paint the outside part of the embroidery hoop with your choice of Americana Multi-Surface paint. It is not necessary to paint the smaller hoop because you won’t see it in the finished product.

Step 2: Lay the mandala stencil on top of the plain white fabric and using a makeup sponge, fill it in with another color of Americana Multi-Surface paint.

Step Three: After you remove the stencil and allow the paint to dry, sandwich the stenciled fabric in the embroidery hoop. Do not tighten the outer hoop all the way yet, leave it a little loose.

Step Four: Cut fabric into one inch strips. I had all of this fabric left over from this DIY Lamp Makeover that I did awhile back.

Step Five: Thread the fabric strips between the stenciled fabric and the outer embroidery hoop. I placed 7 on each side of the tightening screw.

Step Six: Now all that is left to do is trim off the excess fabric on the back and hang it on your wall to enjoy!

I love how this project came together from the stenciled design fitting perfectly into the embroidery hoop to using the fabric scraps from this project. It looks awesome paired with the DIY Lamp in my room! If you have any fabric scraps lying around, this DIY dream catcher would be the perfect project to put them to use! Dream catchers are all over tumblr and one of the coolest trends out there right now. My favorite part about dream catchers is the variety. There are so many ways to DIY them to express your own personal style!

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