9/30 | The Ultimate Dorm Shopping Guide

Hey everyone! It’s no secret that summer is slowly coming to a close and all of the up and coming college students need to get their game faces on and start planning. I’m here to lighten your load tremendously with the help of Walls Need Love! They provide so much great stuff that I couldn’t live without like bags, pillows, throws, but most importantly their adhesive wall art! It takes any boring room and totally transforms it into an art lovers paradise that brightens and adds so much personality to the space. What better place to do that than in your brand new dorm room? The best part is, when it’s time to go, the removal is so painlessly easy and leaves no mess behind. Here i’ve compiled a list of the Walls Need Love dorm room must have, that is The Ultimate Dorm Shopping Guide. I hope you all enjoy!

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Nifty Wall Art and Decals

This is probably the most important thing in any dorm. These are the things that really transform the space and where you can add touches of your personality on every wall. You won’t believe the difference their removable wallpaper and awesome decals make in a boring dorm.

Must Haves For Your Desk

Now, I’m not talking about your laptop or pencils here, i’m talking about the essentials you never knew you needed. Well here they are, the simplest items that impact your dorm so much. We even used some of their gorgeous wallpaper on the bulky wooden desk and you couldn’t even tell it was the same piece of furniture! make a bold statement with your desk accessories this coming school year.

Bedding Essentials

Just because it’s where you crash while studying for a test, or binge watch Netflix on the weekends doesn’t mean they have to be basic. When were talking about the actual comforter however, basic is the way to go. With these pillows and throws from Walls Need Love you shouldn’t steal the spot light from the amazing colors and patterns they offer with loud bedding, let the art speak for itself.

Important Odds and Ends
These items didn’t quite fit into a category but it doesn’t mean they’re any less important! You’ll thank me for including all these miscellaneous life savers in this list. Who doesn’t need another tote bag or pouch? Oh, and if you’ve never heard of a Pouffe I suggest you buy five, because you’ll fall in love with these.

I hope this post has helped lighten the college load and reassure you that no matter how drab your dorm is, with Walls Need Love they’ll make sure your walls have all the love they could ever need. I couldn’t live without these products, they have changed my whole attitude when redecorating. I hope you all enjoyed this post and become just as obsessed with this amazing decor as I have!