9/30 | 30 Incredible DIY Wall Art Ideas

Hi my friends! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!If you need inspiration, let me tell you, you have come to the right place! Today I am going to share with you 30 Incredible DIY Wall Art Ideas that I have rounded up! I am a huge fan of wall art, especially DIY wall art! Sometimes I feel like its just too small though, ya know? Your wall are should be big and bold! I’m obsessed with DIY Wall Art for my room and home. You’ll enjoy creating all these project ideas, these are so much fun.  You’re going to get so much inspiration for your next wall decor DIY. I know many of my friends will be moving into a dorm this fall, and these DIY ideas would be great for you.

1. How to make Rope Letters

2. DIY Hula Hoop Art

3. IKat Canvas Tutorial 

4. DIY Paper Flowers for your wall decor 

5. DIY Seascape Canvas

6. How to DIY Stencil Walls 

7. Styrofoam Turned Room Decor 


8. DIY Scrabble Tile Wall Decor 

9. How to DIY Stencil Walls 

10. Simple Copper Photo Display 

11. Paint Stir Stick Mirror 

12. 2 Easy DIY canvases with Thumbtacks and Duct Tape 

13. Lip Print Wall Art 

14. DIY Wine Cork Letters 

15. DIY Starfish Canvases 

16. Tie Dye T-Shirt Canvases 

17. Geometric Heart 

18. Handwritten Statement Wall

19. Cupcake Liner Flowers 

20. Chalkboard Wall

21. Frame Gallery

22. Hand Stamped Clementine Wall 

23. Giant Paper Rosette Collage 

24. Embroidery Hoop Wall 

25. Bold Stripes 

26. Gold Fish Scales

27. Ombre Stripes

28. Fabric Typography

29. Duck Tape Pattern Walls 

30. Paper Flower Shadow Box