9/30 | DIY Jewelry Organizer from a Thrift Store Frame

I have been keeping all of my jewelry in a small overflowing box filled with tangles. Because of this atrocity, I haven’t been wearing jewelry as much as I would like to. That whole out of sight out of mind saying is a real thing for me. I decided that I wanted to display some of my jewelry in the hopes of wearing it more frequently. I set out looking for a pretty but inexpensive way to do that and this DIY jewelry organizer is what I came up with!

You will need:
a thrift store frame | DecoArt Metallic Luster in Burnished Brass | makeup sponges | jigsaw | gold screw hooks  

Step One: Under an adult’s supervision, use the jigsaw to cut the frame into 4 different straight sections. I decided to only use 3 of them for my jewelry and gave the extra to my mom!

Step Two: Use a makeup sponge to apply the Metallic Luster it all over the frame pieces. Be sure to get it in all the little grooves. Once it’s dry, you can also buff it with a clean dry cloth to make it shine even more.

Step Three: Add the hooks. These screw hooks are great because they have a sharp point and you can just screw them in with your hands. No tools required.

I love how my new DIY Jewelry Organizer looks in the wall of my bedroom. It makes a great focal point. Jewelry is pretty, why should we hide it away in a box? I encourage you to check out your thrift store and see if they have any cool frames.

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