9/30 | Celebrating Friendships

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BOSEbuild. All opinions are 100% mine.

Today we’re celebrating friendships and we’re sharing how I threw my best friend Joseph a surprise birthday with the help of my BOSEbuild, if you’re not familiar with the product, just check out this post for more information. Joseph has appeared on the blog a few times, mostly because we’re always building something awesome together, which we’ve been doing since we met in 4th grade. Let me share with you some highlights from his party this weekend!

First off, I setup the BOSEBuild in the kitchen/dinning area where everyone was gathering and downloaded a ton of Joseph’s very own music! He has been playing piano all his life and everyone loved hearing him play throughout the party. You can choose to customize the cube to whatever color you prefer, so we chose to make the colors blue and green to match the party theme! Since this was a surprise party, he couldn’t know that all his friends were gathering at the family farm. His dad kept him busy all day and when they arrived, he thought they were just picking up his Grandmother to go out to dinner. His Mom and Grandmother prepared a ton of his favorite foods, including hamburgers, hot dogs, Nacho, the list really does go on and on. We had some delicious cookie cake for dessert along with cupcakes. Let’s just say, the whole family overindulged and I’m quite okay with that. It was worth it! After we finished eating, we had Joseph open all his gifts! Joseph’s hobbies include mowing yards, landscaping, and anything tech. Which lined up perfectly with his gifts, a shirt from his favorite lawn mower manufacture and a huge hard drive! Joseph also loved how the Speaker Cube was completely customizable with designs to fit any style, along with being able to choose colors. When I told people the price for all that fun was just $149, they were amazed! We ended the evening with a piñata! Joseph is a child at heart and he thought this was one of the best parts of the party. I highly recommend having a piñata at any birthday celebration. When I saw this one of a turtle (Joseph’s also obsessed with turtles) I just knew he needed it. I’d also recommend everyone to have a BOSEbuild Speaker Cube at their party or family gathering, as they are ideal for entertainment with it’s great portable size, amazing colors, and impeccable sound!  I was thrilled with how the party went and hope you all enjoyed hearing about it! I wish each and everyone of you are able to experience a surprise party, as they’re beyond fun. I loved each part of this and I hope Joseph enjoyed it as much as I did. It’s hard to find great quality friends that appreciate you as much as you do them and if you have a friend you appreciate, be sure to pay it forward! It was also great being able to catch up with old friends and I love how BOSEbuild Speaker Cube really set the tone for the whole party. Everyone complimented the convenience of the Speaker Cube and how easy it was to switch songs via bluetooth. It’s a must for any party, so go get yours at build.bose.com for $149, you won’t be disappointed with it’s performance! Who would you like to celebrate with your own Build-it-yourself BOSEbuild?