10/31 | Make Life Just a Little Bit Easier

“I’ll pay you back later.” These 5 words get tossed around so often and usually with honest and good intentions behind them. More often than not, however, these words are just an empty promise. Life gets busy and so many other things occupy the space in our minds. I know that I hate when people tell me that they will pay me back and never do. I also hate when I tell someone that I will pay them back and I end up forgetting. It is an awful feeling, but there is a sure fire way to prevent it and that is what I am going to be sharing with you today! It is called Square Cash.

Square Cash is the easiest way to send or receive money from friends and family. All you have to do is Download Square Cash, signup and link your debit card. After those few steps you’re all set! The whole process takes about 3 minutes. I have found Square Cash so handy especially since I have been at college. My friends and I rarely cary cash with us because we use our school card for almost everything on campus. When we have movie nights and want to split the cost of pizza, we all pull out our phones and pay who ever bought the pizza back right then and there at no charge. No more “I’ll pay you back”s anymore! It is pretty great to Make Life Just a Little Bit Easier!

I really like the user friendly interface of Square Cash and the fact that it doesn’t have any of those silly social sharing features. I don’t care about who you sent money to and I don’t really want anyone knowing who I am sending money to either. Another cool thing about Square Cash is that is is the only app that allows INSTANT transfers at a low 1% fee. No waiting around, it it truly like cash, but better!

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