10/31 | DIY String Art Spider Web

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays to craft for! There are so many elaborate DIY decorations out there that are awesome if you have the time to make them. Today I am sharing a quick but still super fun DIY Halloween decoration for those of you who don’t have all the time in the world to be crafting for the one spooky day. I was browsing through the Make It: Fun Halloween e-Book which is full of so many fun ideas! You need to check it out! I fell in love with the DIY string art spider web so I gave it a little bit of my own spin and thought I would share it with you today!

You will need: Flora Craft Foam Sheet | white felt | hot glue gun | nails | black embroidery floss | plastic spiders

Step One: Wrap the felt around the foam sheet. Pull it tight and hot glue it on the back.

Step Two: Insert nails. The ebook actually has a template that you can use for this step, but I just did my own thing. It’s not perfect, but it works for me!

Step Three: Tie the black embroidery floss around the nail in the top left corner. 

Step Four: Using this as your starting point, wrap it around all the nails so that the string goes out like rays of sunshine.

Step Five: Create the connecting lines of the web by going around the nails going the other way and connecting the lines that you made in step three.

Step Six: Add a spider or two. I found these really cute gem spider rings at the craft store, so I just cut the plastic ring part off and used them for my string art. I love the pop of color and elegance they add!

It came together so fast! But isn’t it so cute?I hope that you enjoyed this project and maybe even recreate it or another project from the Make It: Fun Halloween ebook!

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