10/31 | DIY Piñata Costume

Piñatas are fun and colorful! Who wouldn’t want to dress up as a piñata and be the life of the party this Halloween? Many piñata costumes are made with paper streamers and tape which does not make them very durable. This costume however is made with brightly colored felt attached with VELCRO™ Brand Sticky Back for Fabrics to make it durable and reusable. Watch the video below to learn how to make your own DIY piñata costume complete with a matching hat!
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[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”aBDK4VCc” upload-date=”2016-09-07T16:29:05.000Z” name=”Pinata Costume DIY” description=”Halloween is right apon us and who doesn’t need a fun and easy DIY Halloween costume.”]
You will need: multicolored felt | a dress | scissors | VELCRO™ Brand Sticky Back for Fabrics

Step 1: Cut the felt into long 3 inch wide strips. Make enough to cover the body of the dress even when they are overlapping. Depending on your dress the number of strips will vary. Cut the felt into thiner strips for the straps of the dress. Then cut slits about half way up in the wider felt strips to make it fringy.  Do the same thing to the thinner strips.

Step 2: Cut the VELCRO™ Brand Sticky Back for Fabrics into small pieces and add them to the back of the felt strips.

Step 3: Start at the bottom and attach the felt strips to the dress with the pieces of VELCRO™ Brand Sticky Back for Fabrics. When you get to the straps, start using the thinner strips.

Using this same process, you can make a matching hat. I am in love with this DIY piñata costume. The bright colors just make me so happy! The countdown for Halloween is on!! What are you going to be? I 10/10 would recommend being a piñata!

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