11/30 | DIY Penguin Ornaments

Hey Everyone! Today I have a fun christmas craft to share with you. These cute DIY Penguin Ornaments are so easy to make and are perfect to do with the little kiddos! The supplies needed are very basic but the kids will have so much fun making them! 
Supplies: foam balls | black paint | paintbrush | orange felt | scissors | goggly eyes | gold pipe cleaner | glue 

Step One: Paint the foam balls with the black paint except for one small circle on each. This white circle will be the penguin’s belly.
Step Two: Cut little feet and and a little triangle beak out of the orange felt. Glue the feet, googly eyes, and beak onto the foam ball around the white belly.
Step Three: Insert the gold pipe cleaner into the top of the penguin’s head. Then form the pipe cleaner into a loop and insert the other end into the same hole.
img_1909 img_1915
Aren’t they so cute?? I love these little fellows! They are a great christmas crafts for kids and a cheap christmas gift ideas! Wouldn’t you love to have these hanging on your tree this year?  I know I would!

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