12/31 | DIY Christmas Cross Stitch Canvases

Christmas is fast approaching and I know there are some of you out there who are still in need of some decor or gift ideas. I have just the thing for you. These DIY Christmas Cross Stitch Canvases are the perfect festive Christmas decor and would also make a great handmade gift. They are pretty easy to make too, so let’s get into the tutorial:

You will need: canvases | Americana Acrylics | paintbrush | one of these templates: snowflake or tree | a sharp tool | yarn | large needle

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Step one: Flip the canvas upside down and place the template inside of the frame.

Step two: Using the sharp tool, punch a tiny hole on all of the corners.

Step three: Paint the canvas with the color of Americana Acrylics you want. I painted my snowflake canvas with Whispering Turquoise and my Christmas tree canvas with Sour Apple.

Step four: Thread the needle with the yarn and start stitching. You may want to keep the template near by to reference as you work.
Step Five: When you have completed the cross stitch design, tie a knot at the last end on the back of the canvas.

These DIY Christmas Cross Stitch Canvases are definitely not your grandma’s! The are a very modern take on a beautiful art form. I love the bold colors and simple designs. Don’t you want to add some DIY Christmas Cross Stitch Canvases  to your holiday decor this year?

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