12/31 | DIY New Years Drop Ball

Christmas Day is behind us but it is still that kind of magical season filled with family gatherings and festivities. Just this weekend is New Years. New Years Eve is such a fun time but it seems to be one of those holidays that we never seem to get around to decorating for. This year I decided to change that and make a fun DIY New Years Drop Ball! Here is how I made it:

You will need: FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® 10 inch Foam Ball | silver tinsel | 4 paper mache stars | DecoArt Mettalic Lustre in Gold Rush | Hot Glue | 12 inch Dowels | silver glitter number stickers  

Step One: Use a makeup sponge, your fingers, or a soft cloth to apply the Metallic Luster it all over the paper mache stars. Be sure to cover the entire front and back of each star. Once it’s dry, you can also buff it with a clean dry cloth to make it shine even more. Also cover the dowels while you’re at it. 

Step Two: Place 2-0-1-7 number stickers on the paper mache stars. If your letters aren’t sticky enough, add a little extra glue.

Step Three: Hot glue a dowel to the back of each star.

Step Four: Starting at one end, hot glue the tinsel onto the foam ball. Wrap it around in a spiral formation and glue it down every few inches until the entire ball is covered.

Step Five: Then all that is left to do is insert the stars into the foam ball. Push the dowels in so only about an inch or so shows.

How fun is this little guy, or should I say big guy! It was so fun to make and it is going to be perfect at our New Years Eve party. You should totally make one for your party too!

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